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Surveys & Diagnostics

Our Business Psychology and Wellbeing Team offers surveys, diagnostics and audit tools to help teams and organisations take targeted action on team wellbeing and common causes of work-related stress.

Who's it for?

Teams and organisations who want to understand common sources of stress and take action to improve wellbeing and stress levels at the level of the team or the wider organisation.


The Keil Centre offers:

  • online surveys, audits and risk assessments for work-related stress
  • workshop-based, interactive assessments of team wellbeing and engagement factors
  • support for action-planning after the assessment

All our assessments are based on research into wellbeing and mental health at work and recognised best practice.

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Taking action to understand and manage common sources of work-related stress is an important part of boosting mental health and wellbeing at work. The Keil Centre’s diagnostics, surveys and assessment tools help organisations and teams to understand the current situation and prioritise improvement actions.

The Keil Centre resources include:
  • StressTools: an online survey and stress risk assessment that identifies current levels and causes of work-related stress, uniquely distinguishing between the frequency with which a stressor occurs and the harm it is causing
  • Wellbeing & Engagement Leadership Ladder (WELL): our workshop-based assessment of team resilience
  • Assessments of personal resilience and coping
All of our assessments are action-focused, providing a clear picture of the current situation and helping to prioritise changes which will have the strongest positive impact. All our resources can be delivered by our facilitators or we can train internal experts in their implementation.