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Just & Fair Culture

A just and fair culture recognises the need to learn lessons from incidents. To do that effectively, we need to develop a culture in which our people can speak up about their errors without fear of indiscriminate blame and retribution. However, we must also acknowledge that sometimes we need to hold individuals to account for their actions. A just and fair culture procedure, or accountability framework, is essential to maintain consistency of approach across your organisation.

Who's it for?

A Just and Fair Culture model helps determine behaviour types and, consequently, helps us identify more appropriate interventions following a safety incident.

It defines fair and appropriate consequences in line with the individual’s behaviour and can also guide reward and recognition for positive safety behaviour.

The Just and Fair Culture framework will be of interest to HSE and HR professionals, as well as incident investigators.

Despite the original research being in the Oil and Gas industry, we’ve applied the principles in developing a procedure that is suitable for any organisation seeking to introduce a fair, standardised and objective system of reward and discipline.


  • ensures employees are not unfairly disciplined for human errors or unintentional mistakes
  • develops understanding of the reasons behind violations and breaking of procedures before making disciplinary decisions
  • provides transparency and consistency between the incident investigation procedure and disciplinary action
  • rewards and encourages positive safety behaviours
  • encourages people to be mindful about their behaviour choices
  • maintains a transparent culture when individuals are held accountable for the actions they have taken or condoned

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Where employees believe that disciplinary actions following an incident are unfair, there can be a lack of cooperation with incident investigations and reporting. The Just and Fair Culture model helps reduce these issues by introducing standardisation and consistency into the way that behaviours are assessed and managed.

Our consultants are experts in incident investigation and safety culture. The Keil Centre’s Just Culture model has been developed through an extensive literature review combined with a deeper understanding of what works in practice. We can help you to:
  • formalise policy for Incident Investigations
  • write procedures to guide application of the Just Culture framework
  • integrate these into current systems, for example Health and Safety, Incident Investigations and HR