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Organisational Change Risk Assessment

Organisational change has the potential to impact safety performance. We work with regulatory bodies and industry to assess the potential risks of organisational change. This allows mitigating actions to be implemented from the early stages of planning the change to maintain safety performance.

Who's it for?

We work with any company planning an organisational change that may impact on safety performance. We help to assess the degree of impact of a proposed change.


We have consolidated existing best practice into an organisational change risk assessment method.

Our risk assessment method:

  • is simple to use
  • satisfies regulatory requirements
  • has been successful with a range of organisations facing regulatory inspection

We can also perform more detailed analyses and assessments to address specific issues, such as fatigue or workload.

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Organisational change must be carefully planned and monitored during implementation. Our organisational change risk assessment enables effective management of potential adverse effects throughout the lifecycle of the change.

Technically-oriented organisations often excel at managing technical change but not organisational change. Organisational change may occur as the result of technology changes, such as greater automation or new control systems, or as a result of market forces or different business processes. Change can impact competence, teamwork, workload, communication, psychological adjustment and many other aspects that can increase human failure. These hidden risks can undermine safety and performance.

With major organisational changes, health and safety regulators often become involved. They typically want to see how organisational changes have been risk-assessed and how they are being managed.

We work with regulators and industry to assess the potential impact of organisational changes. We work with organisations from the early planning stage of the change. This helps to identify potential risks and mitigate them throughout the change process. Identifying risks early makes it much easier and less costly to manage them. In some cases, more detailed analyses are required. Our offerings include:

We have worked on a variety of different organisational change projects, including decommissioning projects, control room/ system upgrade projects and organisational restructuring projects.