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Safety Culture Maturity® Model

The Keil Centre developed the Safety Culture Maturity® Model (SCM®M) to measure and facilitate discussion about safety culture. This enables a business to identify specific actions to improve its safety culture.

Who's it for?

SCM®M assessments involve workshops that engage staff at all levels in the business.

They are useful to operational, safety and HR managers who want help with:

  • assessing the safety culture of their organisation, site or department
  • assessing change in safety culture over time
  • reviewing employee perceptions, as part of larger safety improvement projects
  • selecting or assessing the effectiveness of a behavioural safety programme
  • supporting management development


The SCM®M was developed as part of a project sponsored by the UK offshore oil industry and the Health and Safety Executive. The model has won several awards and has been used successfully in many countries and sectors. Companies have found the SCM®M particularly useful as it:

  • combines a solid theoretical framework with a simple, user-friendly assessment tool
  • emphasises the importance of employee involvement in assessing and improving safety culture
  • allows a simple understanding of the current level of Safety Culture Maturity®
  • includes qualitative data which allows insight into why the safety culture is at the level it is
  • provides a practical illustration of what developing safety culture involves

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The SCM®M defines five stages that organisations go through as their safety culture develops. Organisations progress though the five levels by building on their strengths and removing the weaknesses of the previous level. Our assessment process identifies which level of maturity the organisation has reached on 10 elements of safety culture.  This produces a profile of the strengths and areas for improvement in the culture. Our highly experienced psychologist then facilitates discussion to identify improvement actions.

The SCM®M assessment compares levels of Safety Culture Maturity® between groups and provides an understanding of why differences may be present. Most SCM®M projects involve a comprehensive assessment of a site, department or team. Staff from the main workgroups on a site participate in a series of workshops during which they complete a card-sort exercise and take part in a structured discussion based on a series of ten SCM®M elements: