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Investigation Support

Organisations may lack the resources, expertise or confidence to thoroughly address human factors in their investigations. The Keil Centre can provide operational support and coaching for internal investigation teams.

Who's it for?

Managers and investigation teams who require human factors expertise during the lifecycle of an internal investigation.


Having one of our experienced Human Factors consultants as a member of the investigation team:

  • provides assurance that nothing has been missed
  • ensures best practice for investigative interviewing
  • ensures the highest standards of analysis and interpretation have been applied

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The Keil Centre promotes early inclusion of human factors expertise to an investigation team. From training courses on interview techniques to reviewing completed investigations, we support each stage of the investigation.

The Keil Centre can provide a full range of investigation support services:
  • early stage guidance and coaching on how to investigate the human factors aspects of an incident
  • support with interviewing witnesses and relevant personnel
  • facilitating or conducting analyses using our Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®)
  • assisting with the formulation of effective recommendations and action plans to address human factors issues
  • writing or co-authoring the relevant sections of the investigation report
We understand the demands and challenges of investigation work. We are familiar with a range of industries and have worked in high-hazard operational environments around the world.