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Leadership Development

Our Business Psychologists support leadership development through workshops, training programmes, seminars and individual coaching. We deliver tried-and-tested approaches and tailor content to your specific requirements.

Who's it for?

Individual leaders, HR and Organisational Development professionals who are interested in:

  • developing management and leadership capability across all levels
  • understanding the potential of key individuals or a tier of leaders
  • making leadership theory accessible, relevant and practical
  • having access to practical tools and resources to support leadership development activity


Our programmes, training and workshops:

  • focus on competencies relevant to all levels of management
  • provide guidance on the application of leadership theories
  • offer practical tools, tips and techniques and related resources
  • are delivered by experts who provide clear explanations and offer support
  • utilises a library of resources, including videos, case studies, and group exercises

Find out more

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It is easy to assume that individuals who are technically competent will transition seamlessly into management and leadership roles. In reality, most individuals benefit from structured development support to help them get to grips with the demands of leadership and people management.

The Keil Centre design and deliver full and half-day training courses, comprehensive leadership development programmes run over weeks or months as well as shorter, more focused workshops to develop leaders’ confidence, deepen their understanding and build practical competence. We provide content on the following core leadership competencies, tailored to specific organisational contexts:
  • Leading and managing
  • Conversational skills, including coaching
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Creative problem solving
  • Leading change and managing people through change
  • Managing teams and team dynamics
  • Providing effective feedback and coaching for performance
  • Managing poor performance and inappropriate behaviour
  • Building resilience
Our expert team also offers individual coaching sessions.