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Safety Critical Task Screening

The Keil Centre uses a structured screening process to identify tasks which could contribute to a major accident. Safety critical task screening allows you to prioritise your operations, maintenance and emergency tasks for more in-depth analysis.​

Who's it for?

Safety and/or operations and maintenance professionals who need to demonstrate the human aspects of safety performance.


Identifying your safety critical tasks enables you to focus on your greatest vulnerabilities.  It allows you to prioritise your:

  • programme of human reliability assessment
  • management and development of procedures
  • staff management and competency assurance
  • design changes and site modifications

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Screening tasks for safety criticality allows you to focus on the most critical aspects of human performance. It also supports decisions about other human factors improvements, such as managing fatigue, design changes and procedure development.

Safety critical task screening involves preparing a register of site tasks. Facilitated workshops are run on-site over 2-3 days with operational staff, to review all the tasks on site. Structured pre-defined criteria are used to assess the task context and impact of human failure for each task. This provides a score and rating which is used to prioritise what you assess further. The methods can also be used to assess tasks during engineering projects before a new system is built. We have experience of the methods outlined in the Energy Institute guide on safety critical task analysis. We also use the Health and Safety Executive’s method for offshore installations (OTO/99092) which provides further depth of assessment. Our sector experience includes off- and onshore oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation and leisure/ transport. We welcome enquiries from all other sectors.