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Assessment for Development

Our Business Psychologists help organisations to understand the style, capabilities and potential of their people and to nurture their talent. We guide and support individuals to reflect on their career, educational and life choices.

Who's it for?

Organisations seeking to understand and manage:

  • the talent and potential of key individuals or a tier of managers
  • the development potential of graduates
  • specific development needs of key staff
  • the working environment for people to thrive

Individuals who are considering their:

  • strengths and development priorities
  • career and educational choices


  • Development action planning that is targeted and well-informed
  • Objective ‘audits’ of talent
  • Deeper understanding of individual strengths and enthusiasms, leading to improved decision-making
  • Expert guidance on capabilities and potential
  • Competency linked tips and techniques to aid development

Find out more

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Our development assessments pinpoint areas of strength and potential, as well as possible blind spots. We provide feedback from a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and a supporting Development Profile to explore key issues.

JobCraft is a suite of Leadership Competencies. It provides a framework for a comprehensive assessment of talent and potential. Our Personal Development Resource Pack contains a series of practical tips and suggestions linked to each of the leadership competencies.

Development Assessments are tailored to specific requirements. This can involve an exploration of broad based abilities and personality characteristics that contribute to successful job performance. Alternatively, specific attributes can be selected, such as conflict management style, resilience, relationship management, emotional intelligence or values. The Keil Centre Psychologists are listed on the British Psychological Society’s Register of Test Users (RQTU) and have considerable experience in a broad range of assessment techniques and methods. This includes the design and delivery of Development Centres.