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Fatigue & Workload

Safe operations require well-rested and alert workers, who are operating with manageable workloads. Our consultants are experts in the assessment of fatigue impairment risk and individual and team workload. We support clients to design better systems of work to optimise human performance.

Who's it for?

Anyone designing, investigating or changing safety critical work systems (such as rosters and job roles).

Anyone working in, and/ or managing:

  • shift work
  • non-traditional rosters
  • other high fatigue risk roles (e.g. lone working)



Effective fatigue and workload management enables you to:

  • understand your fatigue / workload risk
  • identify opportunities to improve job role and roster design
  • enable safe and efficient performance
  • justify or identify any risks of changes to staffing and rosters
  • improve staff wellbeing

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Fatigue can have a devastating effect on performance and wellbeing. Understanding your fatigue risk and developing systems to manage fatigue and workload are essential for any safety critical work. We are experts at fatigue risk assessment and use scientific tools and techniques to assess and resolve workload issues.

Traditional roster design is often driven by ‘popular’ shift arrangements, especially those with longer stretches of time off work. The science does not always support these roster designs. We use biomathematical fatigue prediction models to assess and design fatigue risk management systems. The management system needs to include education, effective measuring and reporting systems, and a supportive culture. We are known for developing pragmatic solutions within safety critical domains.

Human performance can be adversely affected by underload or overload. We use a range of validated tools to measure and assess workload and staffing.

We use the outputs to resolve individual workload problems or achieve a balanced work distribution between roles. This enables the individual or team to cope in different operational scenarios.

Our primary fatigue and workload experience is from the transport, defence, oil and gas and energy sectors. We welcome enquiries from other sectors.

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Our team of human factors experts includes Chartered Psychologists and Ergonomists with the highest level of qualification and professional accreditation. We have the practical expertise to support your needs.