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Behaviour Standards

A Behaviour Standard sets out expectations at all levels of an organisation for building and sustaining a strong safety culture. It guides all employees on behaviours expected of them and enables a meaningful culture improvement plan to be implemented.

Who's it for?

A Behaviour Standard describes what ‘excellence’ looks like with respect to safety behaviours at all levels of an organisation.

It is based on strong empirical research. Each standard is unique in that it recognises specific organisational characteristics and aspirations.

It provides a platform for any organisation to understand and strengthen its safety behaviour and safety culture.


A Behaviour Standard:

  • provides a unified approach to promoting a strong for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) culture
  • defines the desired health and safety behaviours required to build and sustain a strong safety culture
  • provides the basis for educating all employees on Health and Safety behaviours and culture
  • supports a Just and Fair Culture Model
  • is accessible and practical

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A Behaviour Standard is developed by taking consideration of a company’s Health and Safety goals and aspirations, as well as and the observations and recommendations of its employees. The Behaviour Standard final framework sets out what is expected of everyone in the business, including managers and supervisors.

Our experts will first develop a personalised framework for your company. We will then guide you on the next steps, such as identifying gaps in your safety behaviours and educating managers. The Keil Centre provides support throughout the process. We also host an extranet facility that enables users to share ideas, best practice and resources. There is a global conference every two years, where Behaviour Standard clients can share experiences.

Behaviour standards have been developed for and implemented in a wide cross section of industries in both the public and private sector. These include Energy, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Leisure, Aeronautical, Construction, Mining and Chemical.