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Staffing Assessment

Staffing assessments enable you to check that you have adequate staff in place to cope with demanding and hazardous work situations. They allow you to check that your site can cope with changing the existing staffing arrangements.

Who's it for?

Safety, operational and/or human resource professionals who need to assess changes to staff levels or organisational re-structures.


A staffing assessment enables you to:

  • demonstrate suitable staffing arrangements
  • benchmark your staffing arrangements against industry best practice
  • justify or identify any risks of changes to staffing
  • put safeguards in place before you make staffing changes

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Some previous major accidents could have been avoided by knowing beforehand that the staffing levels and structure were inadequate. Abnormal and emergency events typically create a highly demanding workload beyond normal process operation. The staffing assessment method is used to demonstrate that staffing arrangements are safe in high workload scenarios.

A staffing assessment involves facilitated workshops with operational staff to review two aspects of the staffing arrangements:
  • highly demanding work situations (physical assessment) and
  • background arrangements to enable the site to cope (ladder assessment)
The assessment method is based on the Health and Safety Executive’s safe staffing method (CRR348/2001). This assessment is particularly useful during management of change programmes. Even if changes are not afoot this method can provide confidence that the staffing arrangements are safe. We use a range of tools to suit your needs when assessing staffing and workload. We often combine the staffing assessment with other workload analysis tools during this process. Our primary experience with this tool is for the oil and gas sector. We welcome enquiries from other sectors.