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Assessment for Selection

Our Business Psychologists help you attract, select and retain the right people for your organisation. A fair and robust selection process provides both a rewarding experience for candidates and results in the successful candidate being a neat organisational fit.

Who's it for?

Our psychological assessments provide a comprehensive and expert-led identification of leadership style and impact.

We specialise in the assessment of executive, management and specialist populations.

We work with you to understand your critical leadership competencies and requirements, as well as the larger strategic organisational context.


Our experts:

  • independently evaluate and select combinations of methods from different test publishers
  • have the knowledge and expertise to design bespoke assessments
  • provide powerful and insightful feedback to candidates and client organisations
  • use a range of report styles providing clear professional recommendations

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Poor selection, promotion and development decisions are costly. Not just in terms of the process itself, but in the inefficiencies created by having the wrong person appointed. This risk increases with level of seniority and authority. Robust and fair selection processes mitigate this risk by providing objectively derived evidence of capability and potential.

We are accredited and experienced in a range of psychometric tests and other assessment methodologies. Our expertise includes the use of personality questionnaires, ability tests, and emotional intelligence, values and motivation measures. Our consultants appear on the British Psychological Society’s Register of Qualified Test Users (RQTU). We can also deliver a full range of both off-the-shelf and bespoke Assessment Centre activities including:
  • role plays
  • analysis exercises
  • group discussions
  • planning exercises
  • competency based interview questionnaires
Our expert team also trains internal assessors and provides exceptional administration support.