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Review of an Electronic Control of Work System

March 25, 2020

Oil and Gas


The issue: Feedback from workers and several incident investigations revealed that an electronic control of work system was not working effectively. The client recognised that a better understanding of the end user needs was necessary in order to improve the system.​

The approach: We reviewed several improvement proposals and procedures developed by the client. We also carried out incident reviews using our Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®) and our psychologist spoke to users about their experience of using the system. We identified a number of human and organisational factors that were affecting the usability of the system.

The outcome: Our review enabled the client to identify their main improvement priorities. These included:

  • simplifying roles, responsibilities, procedures and processes for using the system
  • creating high-value hard-copy guidance and procedures, written in plain English with input and reviews by a representative user group
  • improving training to focus on both the system and on actually carrying out the control of work process
  • reviewing work scheduling and co-ordination arrangements

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