GlaxoSmithKline EHS Award

A safety culture improvement initiative designed by The Keil Centre and jointly delivered with a team from GlaxoSmithKline's Irvine site has won first place in their company's worldwide CEO's Environment, Health and Safety Excellence Awards This project, which has been carried out over the past year, involved the majority of the site's 600 employees and contractors and has resulted in many tangible benefits, and sharing of their experience across the company and with the wider Chemical Process Industry.

John Hunter, EHS Leader said "We chose The Keil Centre to help us because of their reputation including relevant publications and research articles into the subject matter. In a relatively short period of time we have realised many benefits in terms of observable EHS behaviours at all levels within the site. We particularly appreciated The Keil Centre's professionalism throughout the project, the way in which they interacted with our staff and their assistance to implement the programme. We recognise the Site is now on a journey towards a more mature safety culture - with the implementation of the EHS Behaviour Standard in 2007 we've made a great start but realise the need for ongoing focus and support to sustain the benefits."

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