Trauma and Resilience

Catastrophic events are not rare. Most people are likely to know or work with someone who has experienced trauma in their lives; many of us have directly experienced a traumatic event in our own lives. When our work brings us into direct contact with people who are affected by trauma, there is a responsibility to recognise this, and adjust how we work to take account of the impact of trauma; trauma is therefore everyone’s business. At an individual level, our UK-based psychologists offer evidence-based treatments for people directly affected by a traumatic event(s).

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At an organisational level there are steps an organisation can take to promote psychological resilience and prepare staff for the possible impact of trauma exposure as well as to detect mental health problems at an early stage. The UK Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS) has been working to produce evidence-based best practice guidance for organisations whose staff are routinely exposed to traumatic events and / or traumatic material as a result of their work. According to this guidance, there is considerable evidence that most individuals who are exposed to traumatic events show resilience and do not suffer any longer-term negative psychological effects. However, it is inevitable that some people will suffer temporary distress, while a smaller proportion of people will develop formal mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Trauma exposed organisations have a duty of care for their staff and should put in place reasonable mitigation measures (UKPTS, 2014). The Keil Centre has responded to client requests and developed a half day workshop with a view to increase awareness of the impact of repeated exposure to traumatic material. The content of the workshop also emphasises the importance of resilience and keeping well. It is well known that personal resilience supports a mentally healthy workforce where individuals are happier both at work and away from work.

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