My Team, My Responsibility

The Keil Centre has worked with Johnson Matthey to develop the The ‘My Team, My Responsibility’ programme. The programme involves six short interactive learning modules, each aligned to the themes of the JM EHS Behaviour Standard. These modules are designed to be facilitated in a staged roll out by Team leaders, working with their immediate teams. The objectives of the programme include:

  • Educate and engage all employees in the JM EHS Behaviour Standard
  • Build a ‘one team’ and community approach to managing EHS
  • Encourage proactive thinking and the implementation of preventative EHS measures
  • Develop Team Leaders’ skill, confidence and commitment to managing EHS effectively in their area
  • Equip Team Leaders with new practical support tools and techniques
  • Implement actions, measure activity and deliver EHS improvements
  • Maintain the momentum through coaching and turn the ‘right’ behaviours into habits

Each module is between 35 - 55 minutes’ duration and involves a combination of learning modes: discussion, activity and video. After each module, practical actions are agreed, implemented with the results evaluated. These actions and outcomes are to be reviewed and audited externally. The design philosophy emphasises simplicity, flexibility, engagement and practicality.

Thus far, Train the trainer sessions have been successfully delivered in India and UK. In 2017, they are scheduled to take place in USA (2), China (2) and UK (2).


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