Guidance on Safety Culture

What is involved in understanding and developing safety culture?

The Keil Centre can help companies determine the most appropriate approaches for defining, assessing, and developing their safety culture. Several approaches can be used to define safety culture, such as as written definitions, or more practical tools such as safety culture frameworks.

Once an organisation has decided on an appropriate definition for its own safety culture, we can help to assess the strengths and gaps in the safety culture against the standard to which they aspire. Assessment methods can include questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, behavioural gap analysis, and observation, with a carefully selected combination of methods often achieving the most comprehensive assessment.

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When an organisation has assessed and identified the current state of their safety culture, methods to address the gaps are usually employed. There are many programmes, tools, and training courses that are available or can be developed to strengthen different elements of the safety culture. The Keil Centre’s human factors consultants have wide experience in helping companies to sort through the various options and make decisions on approaches that best suit their circumstances.

Who is it for?

This subject will interest Operational, EHS, and HR managers who want to discuss the options available to them to define, assess, and develop safety culture.

Benefits of this approach

The Keil Centre consultants have worked extensively on safety culture projects, both in internal and external consulting roles. They are well-informed about the various tools and methods available and how they can be implemented effectively in organisations. Being aware of the options available and discussing their strengths and limitations allows companies to make informed decisions about their safety culture approach.  

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