Safety Critical Task Screening

What is it?

Safety Critical Task Screening can be used to assess tasks in an existing operation and identify those activities which require closer scrutiny in order to reduce the likelihood of human failure. This information may also be applied to future plants and equipment by determining how potential failures in the current system could be mitigated through design of the new system.

The Keil Centre can support organisations in reviewing tasks through facilitated workshops with operators and maintenance staff, using a set of pre-defined criteria to determine their criticality. Those tasks rated at the higher levels of criticality are analysed in greater detail using task analysis methods. They are then subjected to Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) to determine what failures could occur and what would be required to reduce the risk of such failures to as low as reasonably practicable.

Our Ergonomists have experience of applying such analyses to a wide range of industries, including aviation, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals.

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Performing this type of analysis allows an organisation to prioritise the analysis of human failure in a structured manner, rather than relying on operators and maintainers to judge which tasks are critical. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have developed a “Human Factors Roadmap” that describes its expectations of industry when identifying the contribution of human failure to Major Accident Hazard (MAH). The use of Safety Critical Task Screening is one of the first steps in this process and serves to identify those tasks within an organisation where human performance could impact on the likelihood of MAH.

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