Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®)

What is HFAT®?

Our Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®) is an award-winning set of tools developed for incident investigators. HFAT® is specifically designed to supplement a company’s existing investigation methods, removing the need to retrain existing staff in a completely new set of methods. HFAT® enables experienced investigators to analyse intentional and unintentional behaviours,  which are also known as violations and errors. They go beyond establishing what happened in order to gain a deeper understanding of why people at all levels in the organisation behaved as they did. Using a structured, step-by-step process, investigators can then determine how to influence such behaviour in the future, and develop their own tailored set of recommendations.

The 2-day HFAT® training course is very practical in nature, and uses case studies based upon real events to teach delegates how to use the tools. During the course, they gain experience of using HFAT®’s  structured worksheets and are supplied with the worksheets for use after completion of the training. 

The HFAT® methods have been used successfully by incident investigators in the petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food manufacture, forestry, construction and rail transport industries. More than 50 organisations worldwide have a cadre of trained users.

The HFAT® development project won the 2006 British Psychological Society’s  Practitioner of the Year Award for Ronny Lardner & Richard Scaife of The Keil Centre.

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Who is it for?

HFAT® courses are typically delivered in-house for client companies. Occasionally we may run a public course, when sufficient demand exists.

HFAT® training is designed for delegates who ideally:

  • Have a minimum of 2 years operational management/supervision and/or HSE experience
  • Are trained in an incident investigation methodology to competent level, and practised in its use
  • Have the desire to deepen their understanding and application of human factors tools and techniques, and promote their use

What will delegates learn?

The 2-day HFAT® training course aims:

  • To provide a basic understanding of how human factors influence health and safety behaviour and performance
  • To enable experienced incident investigators to:
    • Better understand why people involved in incidents behaved as they did, and
    • Write more effective behavioural recommendations which will positively influence the behaviour of those immediately involved, and others, in the future

Find out more

To find out more about HFAT® and how it may be applied within your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

Some of our clients include:

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