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Human Factors for strengthening organisational performance (Australia)

Our Human Factors in Health and Safety professional development programme, run in partnership with the Institution of Chemical Engineers, continues with module 3 on 8th and 9th August in Perth,WA. 

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Ergonomics Essentials dates for 2018

Our next Ergonomics Essentials course is to be held at the Keil Centre offices in Edinburgh between 1st – 5th October 2018.

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Human Factors in the Chemical and Process Industries: Making it Work in Practice

The Keil Centre is pleased to announce that it has written a book on how to incorporate human factors considerations within the design and operation of chemical and processing plants. The book will be published by Elsevier in association with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and ready for purchase in Autumn 2016.

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The ‘instrumented human’? Organisational approaches to fatigue management

Fatigue is now a well-recognised contributory factor to accidents and incidents.  Based on his experiences at the recent Hazards 25 conference, Principal Human Factors Consultant John Wilkinson reflects on how there is still a tendency to see action taken by individuals as the main or sole solution to fatigue at work. 

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Designing usable procedures – “neck-up” ergonomics

What is ergonomics?  “Designing comfortable chairs” most people might answer, giving an example of physical “neck down” ergonomics involves.  “Neck-up” or cognitive ergonomics involves designing tasks, devices or interfaces which are mentally easy to work.  It’s importance in organisations is illustrated by a recent project undertaken by The Keil Centre’s Australian Human Factors team.  

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Consultant Vacancies

We are currently recruiting within both UK (Edinburgh) and Australia for senior, experienced Human Factors specialists, Organisational Psychologists or Ergonomists.   Please see our Vacancies pag…

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The Risk of Cognitive Bias

An expert team is investigating a complex process incident that has had a considerable negative impact within the organisation. The team members share a similar background, and they spend a lot of ti…

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Report Writing Skills

The most important aspect of any investigation is discovering what happened and why, so that it can be prevented from reoccurring. While there are a number of areas and skills that come into doing thi…

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