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W506 Ergonomics Essentials - course dates announced

Dates for the next W506 Ergonomics Essentials courses are now set:

  • Edinburgh: Monday 14th to Friday 18th November 2016
  • London: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th January 2017

This course aims to provide a broad based introduction to ergonomic principles and their application in the design of work, equipment and the workplace.

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Human Factors in the Chemical and Process Industries: Making it Work in Practice

The Keil Centre is pleased to announce that it has written a book on how to incorporate human factors considerations within the design and operation of chemical and processing plants. The book will be published by Elsevier in association with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and ready for purchase in Autumn 2016.

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Early adopters wanted for human factors assessment

Is your company/site seeking to understand your current level of human factors integration & develop a coherent Human Factors strategy?

We are seeking companies who aim to do just this and are keen to be early adopters of our new Human Factors Maturity® Model and methodology (an interactive card sort workshop). 

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The ‘instrumented human’? Organisational approaches to fatigue management

Fatigue is now a well-recognised contributory factor to accidents and incidents.  Based on his experiences at the recent Hazards 25 conference, Principal Human Factors Consultant John Wilkinson reflects on how there is still a tendency to see action taken by individuals as the main or sole solution to fatigue at work. 

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Designing usable procedures – “neck-up” ergonomics

What is ergonomics?  “Designing comfortable chairs” most people might answer, giving an example of physical “neck down” ergonomics involves.  “Neck-up” or cognitive ergonomics involves designing tasks, devices or interfaces which are mentally easy to work.  It’s importance in organisations is illustrated by a recent project undertaken by The Keil Centre’s Australian Human Factors team.  

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Managing Human Failure (Australia)

Upcoming professional development training – 16 & 17 May 2018 in Perth, WA Our Human Factors in Health and Safety professional development programme, run in partnership with the Instit…

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Fatigue is a major problem in today’s society. From shift-work and non-traditional working hours to the challenge of balancing work/life demands, it is getting harder to obtain sufficient sleep …

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Human Factors in Investigation

During an investigation it is often tempting to focus on finding the ‘problem’ and fixing it so the event can’t happen again. When the problem or fault is a technical issue, this is …

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