Human Factors Engineering / Ergonomics

Although technology continues to develop rapidly, humans are a key component of any system and relatively fixed in terms of their capabilities and limitations. “Human Factors Engineering”, or “ergonomics”, is the application of human factors knowledge to the design of new or modified systems and equipment. HFE aims to ensure that systems are designed to optimise the human contribution to an operation and minimise the potential for design-induced risks to health, safety or per­formance.

The Keil Centre’s consultants have vast experience of HFE across a wide range of industries, and ranging from specific product design, to the development of complete production or process facilities. Our consultants are very familiar with different HFE methods, techniques and standards across the world and their practical implementation.

Our approach aims to be solution-focused, as we understand the need to trade-off various aspects of design to enable optimisation of the human interface.

We offer a number of services for engineering projects, which include:

  • Undertaking HFE on behalf of a project, or supporting specific HFE elements
  • Preparing corporate strategies, standards or procedures  to support the integration of HFE into projects
  • Training project team members to undertake certain aspects of HFE

We can also undertake smaller projects which are quite specific in their focus, such as:

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Who is it for?

This service is intended for project teams involved in the design of new or modified systems or equipment.


Key benefits of HFE include:

  • Improvements in health & safety performance, and reduced operational risk
  • Reduced project costs through more efficient design
  • Reduced life cycle costs of operating and maintaining facilities
  • Enhanced user commitment (‘buy in’)

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To find out more about Human Factors Engineering or Ergonomics and how they may be applied within your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

Some of our clients include:

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