Human Factors Maturity® Model (HFMM)

During 2014 The Keil Centre developed the Human Factors Maturity® Model (HFMM) and an associated card-sort measurement workshop.  The HFMM is a research-based model that supports businesses in measuring their current levels of human factors integration on a 5-level maturity scale and identify areas for improvement. 

What is measured?

The HFMM measures a comprehensive range of human factors (HF) topics that are largely in line with the HSE’s Top Ten. These are outlined in the figure below. The HFMM, however, is a flexible model and other topics can be substituted in where required.

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The HFMM measures the HF topics on a scale from level 1 (‘emerging’) to level 5 (‘leading’). At lower levels, human factors provision is typified by an ad-hoc approach that is not planned and has no set policies or procedures. At higher levels, best practice approaches are applied in a planned and systematic way and are monitored for impact. There are benefits in adopting a five-level model like this to measure Human Factors Maturity® as it offers a common terminology, is simple to understand and helps build awareness of what each human factor topic ‘looks like’ at each level.

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A card-sort method is utilised for this process where a group of experienced company personnel are asked to review five statements and select the statement that best reflects their organisation’s level of Human Factors Maturity® for each topic. Each statement reflects a level of Human Factors Maturity® ranging from level 1 (‘emerging’) to level 5 (‘leading’). The ratings of the group are collated and a facilitated discussion is held to identify why the group chose the level of maturity they did, how to improve and highlight priorities. The Keil Centre will then produce a report on the outcome of the workshops and provide guidance on what to do next, based on our industry experience.

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