Human Factors Awareness Training

The Keil Centre provides Human Factors (HF) Awareness training for the hazardous industries and for non-major hazard applications. This training is focused on specific human factor topics, such as those from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Energy Institute, the International Associate of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) or Step Change key topics.  

The awareness course provides a key starting point for businesses to understand what human factors are and how they apply to their work.  Our training is very practical in nature, and makes use of incident-based case studies, exercises and other interactive delivery methods to maximise active learning.

We can also work with organisations to develop a course specific to their own business hazard and risk profiles, which can be further tailored to particular occupational groups, such as managers or supervisors. 

Such HF Awareness courses have been delivered to a wide range of clients, including on-and offshore oil and gas and the energy sector. Evaluation confirms that this training was successful in raising human factors awareness among delegates.   

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Who is it for?

Human Factors training may be relevant for staff who:

  • Work in potentially hazardous roles in operations or maintenance, or supervise or manage others who do
  • Have the desire to deepen their understanding of key Human Factors issues

Our training course aims to provide:

  • A basic understanding of how Human Factors influence health and safety behaviour and performance
  • An overview of key Human Factors topics for the hazardous industries
  • An overview of reliable methods, tools and approaches to key Human Factors issues
  • An introduction to ways of identifying key factors in the workplace, and how they can be addressed

Related courses

The Keil Centre also offers a range of Human Factors training courses on specific topics, such as Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®) and Design of Procedures.

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