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Beyond Competencies? 

Learn about The Keil Centre’s behaviour standard framework and how it provides an effective way to capture the often complex, interconnected nature of behaviour at work and promote a culture of excellence. 

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Insights-based coaching

What can psychometrics do for you?  The Keil Centre is offering a new coaching package that uses the insights from psychometrics to deliver in-depth personal development feedback and to support people in leadership positions to be more effective.

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Some of our clients include:

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Managing Human Failure (Australia)

Upcoming professional development training – 16 & 17 May 2018 in Perth, WA Our Human Factors in Health and Safety professional development programme, run in partnership with the Instit…

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Fatigue is a major problem in today’s society. From shift-work and non-traditional working hours to the challenge of balancing work/life demands, it is getting harder to obtain sufficient sleep …

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Human Factors in Investigation

During an investigation it is often tempting to focus on finding the ‘problem’ and fixing it so the event can’t happen again. When the problem or fault is a technical issue, this is …

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