What is coaching?

Coaching is designed to focus on an individual's strengths, skills and aspirations, unblocking the obstacles to achieving their potential.

At The Keil Centre, we draw on a wide range of research-based tools and methods to increase self-awareness and personal insight, and to explore options for ways of moving forward. Our coaching sessions are goal-directed to achieve insight and behavioural change in areas that matter most to you; our sessions are also supported by materials, such as psychometrics, exercises and further reading, to help you cement and build on our discussions together.  

At the heart of coaching is the quality of relationship between the coachee and the coach.  When you feel it is a safe space to do so, you are more likely to be open to new perspectives, to explore the choices you have and to act on the choices you make. The Keil Centre’s coaches are fully trained and experienced psychologists, themselves supported by supervision and CPD related to their practice.  Each coach has specific areas of expertise but all build on their core psychological understanding of personality, organisational behaviour and behavioural change.


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Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching can help with a wide variety of challenges, be they related to leadership, career or personal development. Sometimes coaching forms part of a broader leadership development programme.  More commonly it is set up as a stand-alone opportunity for individual growth and development, with the number, frequency and content of the sessions tailored to meet the coachee's need.

The Keil Centre is also offering a specific psychometrics-based coaching package for those in leadership or management positions.  These focused interventions, based on 3 coaching sessions, deliver by building on the in-depth insight gained from psychometrics to explore ways of maximising leadership effectiveness.

What do people gain from coaching?

In addition to the achievement of personal goals, the most commonly cited benefits participants gain from coaching are greater clarity and focus, fresh perspectives on issues, improved resilience and confidence to overcome obstacles to optimal performance.

‘Having access to professional coaching support has been extremely valuable. In particular, I have learned a lot about my own leadership style and how I can be more effective in getting the best from people, including in difficult situations.'

‘I particularly liked concluding each meeting by planning things to try out prior to the next one. The discipline of then reporting back and reflecting on them ensured a focus towards the end-goals and gave a great sense of making progress throughout the programme.’

'I have found the coaching offered by The Keil Centre to be of enormous value and of far greater benefit than any other form of training or development work that I have ever undertaken.' 

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To find out more about our coaching services and how they may be beneficial to you or your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

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