Top Gun for Human Factors Investigators

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The Keil Centre’s human factors investigation specialists have more than 60 years’ combined experience in investigating incidents. They include experts who have previously worked full time in investigation roles for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), air traffic control (NATS) and the oil and gas/ energy sector.

The Keil Centre’s Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®) is an award-winning set of tools developed for incident investigators. HFAT® is specifically designed to supplement a company’s existing investigation methods, removing the need to retrain existing staff in a completely new investigation methodology.  HFAT® has been used successfully by incident investigators in the chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food manufacture, forestry, construction and rail transport industries. More than 50 organisations worldwide now have a cadre of trained users.

Many people already know the tools through our established training courses, but we are very excited to be able to offer organisations the opportunity to select their “Top Guns” to undertake peer review and coaching by our own experts. 

The aim of this programme is to develop those with a demonstrated ability in analysing human factors in investigations into internal coaches in the use of the tools. It also allows experienced investigators to further hone their capabilities to be the internal mastery level users of the HFAT® tools for investigating some of the more complex and high-level incidents within their organisation.

We are very proud to have worked with Evonik Industries for the previous two years running a programme of peer review and coaching of their Top Guns. Evonik have been using HFAT® for many years and are striving to ensure that their investigators are masters of the tools. This helps them to maximise the benefits they obtain from investigating why people behaved in the way that they did, including identifying more accurate and sustainable recommendations.

Every year around six of Evonik’s most experienced users submit a sample of investigations for our experts to review. We then provide one-to-one coaching with the individual investigators to provide further guidance on all aspects of their investigation, from evidence gathering through to recommendation writing. The sessions also provide the opportunity for the investigators to ask specific and focused questions about the tool outside the classroom and get specific feedback.

Evonik now has a number of internal investigators who have been through this process and are leading on some of the more difficult and complex investigations within the company. We have seen the quality of the human error investigations increase significantly over the period that the programme has been operating, and the investigators have fed back to us that they have benefitted significantly by taking part in the programme.

Kenny McCleary is the Senior International ESH Advisor for Evonik’s Nutrition and Care business and has been instrumental in setting up the peer review programme and selecting the people to go through it.  Kenny says of the programme:

“I am impressed with the quality of coaching and mentoring the Keil Centre representatives have provided.  Our human factor accident investigators look forward to the annual process of selecting our top human error investigations for peer review and the subsequent feedback sessions. Human error investigations have significantly improved when the Keil Centre HFAT® tool is utilized.”

For more information on our HFAT® Peer Review programme or any other aspect of our incident investigation capabilities, please contact Richard Scaife by e-mailing or calling +44 (0)131 221 8277 or +44 (0)7887 687 730.

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