The impact of stress in YOUR workplace

Stress… pressure… tension…  Most of us experience some degree of stress in the workplace on a daily basis.  Often it can be a good thing in small doses, leading us to perform better or achieve our goals.  However, when there is too much or it happens too often, there will be a negative impact on our individual wellbeing as well as our work performance.  Left unchecked, it can lead to more serious mental health issues.

Many modern companies recognise that being a ‘mentally healthy’ workplace is a win-win scenario.  Employees want to work for companies where they feel supported, and research has shown that there is a beneficial return on investment financially for mental health and wellbeing programs.

But how do you know where your company sits on the spectrum?  Are there programs in place but you’re not sure how effective they are?

The Keil Centre delivers a comprehensive range of services to help assess, manage and promote wellbeing and engagement at work.

For more information on our StressTools® method of assessing levels and sources of stress, please contact

We also offer a range of training and coaching options in developing personal resilience, at either an individual, team or organisational level.  For more information contact (Australia) or (UK).

WA readers may be interested in a workshop we have coming up in Perth on “Managing resilience in the workplace”.  The workshop will cover topics including how to identify and manage stress, practical techniques to build personal resilience, how to intervene and the role of leaders.  The workshop is being run as part of our training program on Managing Human Failure.

Some of our clients include:

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