Stress on the rise

The latest figures published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal a worrying trend. Stress and mental health problems amongst workers in Great Britain is now at its highest level for 17 years. These figures, taken from the annual Labour Force Survey and produced by the Office for National Statistics, reveal that 595,000 workers reported experiencing a mental health condition in the last year (to April): 33,000 more than the previous year. Mental health conditions are now the most common type of work-related illness, overtaking even musculoskeletal disorders. The question remains: what can employers and individuals do to combat this troubling trend?

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The Keil Centre has effectively used StressTools® across sectors to identify the key sources of stress within an organisation. StressTools® provides companies of all sizes and team-structures with a comprehensive stress risk assessment, meeting not only their legal requirements but also providing meaningful reports and support which transitions easily into an action plan. The results enable companies to identify their key stressors, ascertain why these are occurring and provides recommendations to managers on high-risk areas. For more information, click here.

The Keil Centre offers an array of services to support individuals and teams manage stress including:

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