Safety Leadership

A crucial part of an organisation’s safety performance comes down to strong safety leadership at all levels. Research has shown that certain leadership styles are more closely related to a positive safety culture. Understanding the leadership styles of your organisation will help to identify areas where safety performance can be improved.

It is also important to understand the influence that both formal leaders (senior managers) and informal leaders (mentors, peers) have on employee behaviour and actions. Often the desired positive safety culture of an organisation can be undermined by well-intentioned individual supervisors. This can occur when supervisors perceive that meeting production outcomes or profit targets requires the team to step outside of the rules ‘just this once’. While this approach is somewhat understandable it will set a strong example to employees about ‘what really matters’ and what is rewarded by supervisors.
Effective safety leadership is necessary in order to develop and deliver a positive safety culture and can be supported by the implementation of EHS behavioural standards.

Staff at the Keil Centre have experience in working with leaders to explore their style and implement safety leadership changes in a practical way. In addition, The Keil Centre has developed a research based, practical EHS Behaviour Standard for use in high risk industries. This standard can be tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

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