Reinforcing safety culture

Developing a strong safety culture is key to excellent safety performance. An organisation will often develop a safety culture framework that describes behaviours and thinking styles it wants to promote. The company will then use this framework for safety culture assessments to identify strengths and gaps, and integrate it into its management systems. But what happens when your organisation’s safety culture programme has been in place for a while and needs a refresh? What are the ways that this can be done successfully?

The Keil Centre has worked on a number of projects recently to design engaging ways to refresh and reinforce safety culture programs. Some examples include:

  • Interactive activities – short practical activities that reinforce specific behaviours or themes (e.g. ‘speaking up’) in a company’s safety culture framework; they can be organised in a ‘toolkit’ and selected when needed to reinforce specific behaviours, or combined for wide-scale reinforcement programmes;

  • Discussion cards -  each provide a challenging question that targets a behaviour within the company’s safety culture framework; the cards have multiple uses and can be used by individuals or group;
  • Scenarios for incident learning – engaging scenarios based on company incidents to help people learn about the critical behaviours that contributed;

  • Non-technical skills programmes – programmes that target skills needed to demonstrate specific behaviours in the safety culture framework, for example safety conversations or situation awareness.

For more information about tools and methods for developing and reinforcing safety culture, please contact Nicole Gray in Australia ( or Richard Scaife in UK ( or read more about our Safety Culture services.

Some of our clients include:

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