Psychological Health Modules

There is now a sizeable body of evidence that suggests it is important to build resilience and tackle psychological ill-health at work; but what does this really mean for individuals and organisations?  The Keil Centre has 30 years’ worth of experience of working in this field, both with individuals and teams, and also strategically at an organisational level.

We will be running a six-part programme in late 2015 to share this expertise and experience.  Through participation in six short seminars, you will learn more about:

  • Resilience and its implications for individuals, teams and organisations;
  • How to prevent, identify and manage stress at work;
  • How to respond to psychological ill-health, including related absence. 

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The seminars and workshops will blend our consultants’ psychological knowledge with their practical experience, helping you achieve useful insight as well as answering your questions.  Each module will have practical tools, techniques and tips for you to apply in your workplace.   The programme is likely to be of interest to those with organisational responsibilities for psychological wellbeing at work (such as HR or Occupational Health) as well as those interested in the subject more generally. 

For more information about programme scheduling and costs, please contact Chiara Amati (  You can also find out more about our range of wellbeing offerings.

Some of our clients include:

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