Our tools for analysing Human Factors in Incident Investigation

The Keil Centre developed a set of Human Factors Analysis Tools (HFAT®) to assist investigators who do not have a human factors background to dig deeper into the behavioural reasons of why people do what they do. 

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These reasons are often influenced by organisational norms and systemic issues that organisations need to address in order to avoid another accident or incident.  By applying HFAT®, investigators, regardless of their discipline or background (e.g. engineering, HSE, supervisor), can identify the key factors promoting non-compliance with rules and also identify the performance shaping factors that make error more likely.  This means they can issue recommendations that:

  • address the core of the issue;
  • are practical;
  • help to remove some of the motivators for not following rules; and
  • help to limit conditions that are likely to provoke error.

The training course also contains an overview of interviewing, and while this is not a substitute for our 2-day investigating interviewing skills course, it does give attendees pointers on conducting successful interviews.  

HFAT® uses practical, real life examples, discussion and paced learning to ensure all participants are comfortable with the tool and techniques at the end of the course.  Participants have royalty-free ongoing access to the tools and support from Keil Centre consultants if needed.


For more information on running a HFAT® course in your organisation, contact enquires@keilcentre.com.au in Australia or enquiries@keilcentre.co.uk in the UK.

Some of our clients include:

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