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The Keil Centre produces a bi-annual newsletter, Business In Mind, which contains articles about recent projects we have delivered and any latest business news.

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Issue 32 - 2017

  • The Keil Centre Global Projects
  • The Keil Centre UK Projects 
  • The Keil Centre Australia Projects
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Issue 31 - 2016

  • IIP Platinum status - first in Scotland!
  • EHS Behaviour Standard: Tools & Techniques
  • Designing usable procedures
  • Beyond Competencies
  • A new book on HF by our expert team
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Issue 30 - 2014

  • 4th HSE Behaviour Standard Conference 
  • Update from The Keil Centre Australia
  • Steps to resilience
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Issue 29 - 2013

  • Strategic Leadership Development
  • Introducing TKC Australia
  • HFAT User Groups
  • HF in Health & Safety
  • Impact of stress on work engagement
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Issue 28 - Winter 2012

  • Managing Psychological Wellbeing
  • Meaningful Stress Risk Assessments
  • Positive Safety Conversations
  • Flourishing Families Workshops
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Issue 27 - Spring 2012

  • Developing excellence in the application of HFAT
  • Control of Work systems
  • Promoting effective learning for H&S
  • International HSE Culture Conference
  • The new HFAT+ course
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Issue 26 - 2011

  • Tools for Supervisors
  • Human Failure Procedures
  • Mindfulness
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Partnership with IChemE
  • Safety Behaviour Standard 
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Issue 25 - 2010

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • International Safety Culture User Conference
  • Organisational Change with RPID
  • HF in Health & Safety
  • Ergonomics Essentials
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Issue 24 - Winter 2009

  • Stress Prevention during Organisational Change
  • Strengthening Selection in the Public Sector
  • HF in Incident Investigation
  • GSK's worldwide Living Safety implementation
  • HF in Health & Safety
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Issue 23 - Summer 2009

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Building Resilience through difficult economic times
  • Testing the Pressure Temperature
  • Unlocking Safety Culture Excellence
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Latest News

Ergonomics Essentials dates for 2018

Our next Ergonomics Essentials course is to be held at the Keil Centre offices in Edinburgh between 1st – 5th October 2018. ‘Ergonomics Essentials’ is a comprehensive 5-day training …

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Managing Human Failure (Australia)

Upcoming professional development training – 16 & 17 May 2018 in Perth, WA Our Human Factors in Health and Safety professional development programme, run in partnership with the Instit…

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