Managing Human Factors in a Shipping Company

Human factors can seem difficult to manage and it is not always clear where to start or go next. An effective start is to measure progress, identify priorities and define an effective way forward.

The Keil Centre has supported projects in many sectors, including all the high hazard process industries, railways, defence, healthcare and government agencies. This has included assessments of human factors maturity® and the development of human factors strategies and frameworks. We also believe that it is important for organisations to develop their own internal capability, which is why we provide training and professional development.

Earlier this year, we supported a shipping company with a fleet of oil, gas and chemical vessels and bulk carriers. The company was new to human factors and so wanted to raise awareness across the company and work out what to do first. We held a two-day workshop with fleet managers and vessel crews to raise awareness of human factors, including safety culture, human error, design, and the human contribution to major accidents.

We then followed this with a human factors maturity® assessment to gain a baseline measurement and define priorities to work on. Our proprietary human factors maturity® tool was developed using the latest evidence-based practice. It uses a 5-level scale of maturity to measure 12 human factors elements most closely related to reducing major accident hazards.

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The workshop led to a greater appreciation of the role of human factors in operations. The company found that their human factors maturity® was greater than they had expected. With our support, they identified their human factors priorities as defining the process for assessing human error, developing better procedures and improving the analysis of human behaviour during incident investigations.

Our Keil Centre experts have a detailed knowledge of the breadth and depth of human factors. We use established tools, standards and the latest evidence-based practice to guide clients to manage their human factors. Our support enables you to:

  • develop an approach to meet your needs
  • develop your internal capability
  • have confidence in your approach

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