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We are pleased to confirm our Programme for Leadership Resilience will start in 2020.

The Keil Centre is partnering with Susan Grandfield from SG Development Solutions to host a seminar series on leadership resilience and mindfulness. We will run one seminar a month on last Tuesday of every month, starting on 25th February. Each seminar will be 8am - 9.30am at our offices in Edinburgh. The costs for attendance to all seminars is £200; if you cannot make all of them, you can still attend at a price of £75 for one and £150 for two.

More information about the sessions is presented below:

The Mindful Leader – 25th Feb 2020, 8am – 9.30am

Mindfulness is a state of mind and an approach to life and work. At the heart of it is focus and presence. This session will introduce you to the seminar series and the steps you can take towards being more focused and present as a leader and in all aspects of your life.

The Resilient Leader: part 1 – 24th March 2020, 8am – 9.30am

Resilience is a quality of both strong individual leaders as well as teams and organisations. In this session, we will discuss how individual leaders can build their personal resilience habits as well as develop resilience in those around them.

The Resilient Leader: part 2 – 28th April 2020, 8am – 9.30am

In the second seminar, we look at how the pressure of leadership and management can impact on individual leaders and their teams, exploring how leaders can avoid common pitfalls associated with high pressure and stressful situations at work.

Conscious Leadership – 26th May 2020, 8am – 9.30am

This final session will create the space for leaders to reflect on the series as a whole, to gain clarity and a new perspective on how they are showing up in their organisation and for them to recognise how they can take responsibility for creating an environment in which they and others can thrive.


For more information, please contact Chiara Amati.

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