James Bunn joins The Keil Centre

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We are pleased to announce that James Bunn has recently joined The Keil Centre as a Principal Human Factors Consultant, based in Edinburgh.

James is an Ergonomics and Human Factors specialist and an experienced incident investigator. James joins The Keil Centre from the position as investigation leader and Human Factors expert in Statoil’s corporate investigation unit, based in Norway. 

James began his career at the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) where he provided Ergonomics and Human Factors expertise to support the Health & Safety Executive, including expert evidence to accident investigations, together with consultancy work. James moved to Norway in 2007 to take up a position as Human Factors specialist on a variety of projects. In 2011, James moved to a full-time investigation leader and investigator role where he also contributed to the incorporation of Human Factors into the investigation process.

James’ investigation experience is extensive and diverse, beginning with accident investigation and later incorporating investigations of professional misconduct, bullying and harassment. James has major incident investigation experience from being a member of the Norwegian investigation team following the terror attack on the In Amenas facility in Algeria, a major international incident where 40 people were killed during a three-day hostage situation.

James specialises in Human Factors in investigation, causal and human error analysis, and Human Factors in the design of workplaces and systems of work. James has worked with a variety of industries, and with many of the functional areas of the oil and gas industry. James is a popular speaker on the subject of Human Factors in investigation and has conducted training through Ergonomics and investigation- related courses.

James holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Ergonomics from Loughborough University.

Some of our clients include:

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