IChemE HF in Health & Safety Professional Development Programme

Perth, Western Australia


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The Keil Centre is pleased to announce that another round of the very successful Human Factors in Health and Safety Professional Development programme, run in partnership with the Institution of Chemical Engineers, is running in Perth, Western Australia in 2018.

This one-year programme focuses on how a better understanding of how to manage human factors can drive safety standards and overall business performance.  It comprises four intensive two-day events, supported by course reading, which together form a broad human factors educational programme. 

Module 1: Managing human factors

21-22 February 2018

Managing Human Factors provides an introduction to key human factors concepts from a risk management perspective.  It examines approaches to managing safety culture and behaviours, safety critical communications, and organisational change.

Module 2: Managing Human Failure

16-17 May 2018

Managing Human Failure explores how to proactively manage and reduce human errors and non-compliance, analyse human failures contributing to incidents and manage personal resilience in the workplace, to improve overall safety and business performance.

Module 3: Strengthening Organisational Performance

8-9 August 2018

Strengthening Organisational Performance provides key pointers for enhancing organisational safety through effective management of human factors in staffing and workload, training and competence, supervision and safety leadership, and fatigue.

Module 4: Human Factors and Design

14-15 November 2018

Human Factors and Design examines the key human factors principles to address at the design stage, looking at how to integrate human factors within engineering programmes, ergonomic risk assessments, workspace and human/machine interface design, and how to develop effective procedures.

You can sign up to complete the whole programme or attend single modules to develop understanding of a particular area of human factors.  Further information about the programme, including how to book your place, can be found at www.icheme.org/humanfactors

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