Enhancing the mental health of your workforce

It has long been recognised that the mental health of individuals in a workforce contributes to business viability.  For example, we know that mental health problems can affect productivity and effectiveness at work, ability to cope with change, absenteeism, illness and injury rates.  In today’s diverse workforces, we can expect that individuals will vary greatly in how they deal with stress, whether it be coping with day-to-day pressures of the job or sweeping organisational changes, such as restructures or mergers.  Compounding the problem is the stigma that is often attached to seeking support for mental health issues such that individuals may be reluctant to reveal mental health issues and/or to seek appropriate assistance as they would for physical health concerns. This is particularly challenging in a workplace context, where the perceived consequences could be significant.  So how can we, at an organisational level, ensure that our employees are best supported to manage pressure and stress, and to make use of the support available when they need it?

One very effective approach is to proactively build employees’ RESILIENCE.  Resilience is typically defined as the ability to effectively bounce back from adversity; to experience pressure, obstacles and challenges, and to actively manage their impact on our own wellbeing.  Resilient people are better equipped to deal with pressure effectively, able to handle setbacks and respond to everyday demands in a proactive manner.  If we extend this to teams and organisations, we focus on groups that are supportive, flexible and able to cope with change effectively.  

The good news is that personal resilience is not a character trait, but rather a skill that can be learned and improved upon.  The Keil Centre offers various resilience programs for individuals, teams and organisations including diagnostic tools, direct training and train-the-trainer (peer or leader-led) courses.  All of our programs are flexible and customisable to your specific needs. 

For more information from our Australia team, contact Nicole Gray. Nicole is a registered practising psychologist with extensive experience in managing employees’ mental health during difficult situations.

For more information from our UK team, contact Chiara Amati.

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