COVID-19: Help for you

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During these unprecedented times, The Keil Centre team wants to share with our customers and clients information, reassurance and practical techniques to support your resilience and wellbeing through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Some key messages from us:

  • The Keil Centre’s main Edinburgh office is now closed but we are still 'open for business', with consultants and support staff all working from home. You can email any of us as normal; for more information about how to access specific services please click here
  • Given the threat to health posed by the COVID-19, it is not surprising that many people are experiencing a sense of anxiety and fear. 

o   Click here for resources developed by The Keil Centre’s psychologists on topics such as maintaining resilience and managing anxiety

o   Click here for good quality, evidence-based resources available elsewhere.  

  • As psychologists we are continuing to provide professional support to individual clients through both video and phone coaching and counselling sessions. We are also delivering online seminars for groups, teams and managers; if interested, please contact

From all of us at The Keil Centre, we hope you, your teams and your wider circle are keeping physically and mentally healthy during these difficult times. 

Some of our clients include:

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