Adapting Safety Culture Maturity® for Online Assessment

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The Keil Centre developed the Safety Culture Maturity® Model (SCMM) almost 20 years ago to assess and improve safety culture. The SCMM provides an assessment of current safety culture, highlights differences between groups, provides an understanding of why differences may be present, and identifies improvement actions for the organisation, site and specific teams.

A key feature of the SCMM is its interactive, engaging and informative workshop format assessment; this supports the gathering of good quality data and engages all participants in a discussion on the importance of developing a strong safety culture.

Adapting our work to the ‘new normal’

The SCMM is still relevant in times when operations are needing to adapt to remote working or different staffing levels.  In response to customer demand, we have adapted our workshop-based methodology to allow remote, online SCMM assessments.

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 The new SCMM online assessment:

  • enables people to connect to an online workshop, contributing remotely;
  • maintains the interactive format, with an expert facilitator taking people through the process ‘live’;
  • gathers data using the same, evidence-based methodology.

For more information about running the SCMM remotely, please contact Richard Scaife 

For more information on the SCMM generally, please click here

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